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Anilao 2019 Diving day #14

So here we are. The last diving day of our most excellent holiday.

It is as flat as a dab out there today but all could change.

The boats are waiting for the divers…

… And Richard is organising breakfast.

We have had a wonderful time and Nanie, our dive guide, has once again been fantastic. Oh, to have eyes as good as those!

We don’t fly until 23.30, so will have the day at the resort, enjoying the sunshine (hopefully) and the swimming pool. It does, of course, mean that we can do four dives today. I shall be doing dive 1400 today. 😄😄

Dive #55 – Red RockRichard wanted to go this site again.

Unfortunately, three boats here, including us, so busy, busy, busy. About 20 divers in the water is a lot when we are used to it being just us. I shall not be commenting on dive practices here. One for another time, on a Sunday night perhaps.

It is a wonderful site, we were first in and last out.

We saw:
Two turtles, one huge
Two tiger shrimps, together
Two pretty white slugs, laying eggs

Huge cuttlefish
Coleman shrimps on fire urchins
Gobis and shrimps on wire coral.
Beautiful white feather duster worm

Between dives we head into shore, so that George could pick up his dinner, pork in a bag.

This bus was by the shore…

Dive #54 – Gasang

My dive 1400!!
A seven octopus dive!
A muck dive on a sandy slope.

We saw:
Three mimic octopus
Four other octopus, coconut and other
Very tiny seahorse in the blue, which we tried to save but it appeared that it didn’t need saving

It seems that I have converted Richard to BLT with mayo and coleslaw as the best option for lunch!

Dive #55 – Bubbles

This is an amazing site. Bubbles escape from the volcanic rock under the sand. Today, there were so many bubbles it was like swimming in a glass of Alka Selza. You can out your hand under the sand and it is hot, push further and you could cook an egg.

This site also has a rock formation that juts out into the sea, with a beautiful coloured wall.

We saw:
Bubbles, lots of bubbles
Many big fat beautiful nudis
Feather worms

It was raining when we surfaced.

We stayed on the boat for our surface interval, and as there was no hot water, Romnick popped into his sister’s house at Secret Bay so that we could have hot drinks to keep us warm.

Dive #56 – Heidi’s Point

This was my choice, as this site never fails to produce all sorts of critters.

We saw:
Romney tiny Red blue ring octopus
Red hairy shrimp
Green hairy shrimp
Two little cuttlefish

Richard and I have both acclimatised, must have, as we were both a bit chilly. That cup of tea wasn’t enough.

We have been joined today by Pam from Paris. Very nice. chatty. Although, she wasn’t aware that if she was quarter of an hour early, then she most definitely quarter of an hour late!

Pam was asking where we were from and I mentioned, Chichester, Portsmouth. She knew Portsmouth. Her daughter had stayed for a week of adventure on ‘White Island’. Sweet I thought, particularly as ‘Wight’ in old English means the ghost of a person came back to life, didn’t mention it. Happy Halloween!

So, that is it. All diving done. 56 dives in 14 days. Richard and Jo’s Most Excellent Adventure!