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Akitsushima,Ukikawa Maru and Cacayaren reef Sangat Island

Wow what a great day and as malcolm would say us “girlies did very well “.

First we dived the Akitsushima which is a massive wreak with lots of big cranes (derrecks as i was informed later) . There was a lovely swim through that was a little dark in places but great we saw the boilers and lots of other machinery but being a girl i couldn’t tell you its use ! Ask malcolm for more details πŸ˜€

Zippy enjoying himself! 

Jojo team ‘B’s’ superb dive guide!

The top of the wreak was beautiful with loads of life and nudibrancs galore. 🐠

We all really loved this dive.

Dive 2 Ukikawa Maru, we entered this large wreak via the prop sharft 😬 the prop has been removed but this is like diving a long dark tight tunnel, it felt like pot holeing ….. once through it was a maze type exit with lots of twists and turns into the storage holds with large oil cans, we had a lovely dive inside and then out again to a beautiful top covered in great life and lots to spot. We never thought we would have done this as its a deep, dark and tight wreck to negotiate but it was fantastic. So proud of us all.

Dive 3 Cacyaren reef after lunch, the wind had got up so it was decided that we went on the speed boats to this dive site, that was fun but a little hard on the bottom when you wave crashed 😊it was a lovely reef to potter around on taking photos and looking at the life. 

Back to base for beer, supper and a few games of pool.

Another fantastic day……. don’t want this fortnight to end.