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Anilao 2019 – The last day and journey home ☹️

Today’s the day we start our journey home.We actually don’t leave the resort until 16.30 so plenty of time for packing and playing in the pool, plus we get to watch everyone else go diving 😖Another flat calm day with no wind, actually just enough air movement to waft the cigarette smoke across from another balcony F.F.S. go back to bed and let me breathe will you?We were joined on the boat yesterday by Pam from Paris, her first time with her new camera setup, a lot of knowledge sharing on the way to the dive site!Her housing didn’t leak and she came back with pictures, ideal outcome.Jo appears to have mastered her new toy or at least certain aspects of it. Like most things, 80% of users will only use 20% of the features, especially as we only shoot in manual mode (which gives best control of all aspects of the image and exposure).More bits to play with on the next trip I expect. How long before I am tempted to the dark side? Quite some time yet I expect! … and I’m running out of organs to sell.It has been a most epic adventure, no dives missed, no colds or ear issues, great diving, great company, lovely resort.I would not be surprised if we didn’t book to came back next year. Oh, we did? And the year after that too?Ok, well that’s all good then.After breakfast (there was bacon!) we packed the camera gear away did some preliminary general packing. Then we wallowed for a long while soaking up the sun (plentiful supply of that today).Tea and hot chocolate accompanied by Skyflakes then more wallowing.We finally give up the sun ☀️☀️☀️, collect the rest of our dive gear which has been drying in the sunshine and do not of the rest of the packing before taking a light lunch:

B.L.T. all round with a side of coleslaw, this time washed down with:

Mango and banana smoothie, yum.We just watched most of the staff unload a boat of provisions (there is no access to the resort by road) and it looks like the remaining guests won’t be going hungry.Not much else to do now but sit, write and relax as we still have another 4 hours here.I’m sure the pool will get another visit, I got the log booked stamped already.I just worked out the average dive time over the 56 dives and it appears to come to 79 minutes. I think confirmation via spreadsheet needs to be sought but it’s looking like we spent a total of 73.5 hours underwater!Whilst eating lunch the weather has changed and it’s looking like there might be a shower or two ahead (it is the tropics!) Some thunder off in the distance too.

Another dip in the pool whilst it rained tropically then back to the room (a distance of about 30ft) for showers and final packing.

Now it’s mostly a matter of watching the world go by from our balcony (now got the room until 3.30pm), paying our bar bill and taking the boat at 4.30 around the corner where (hopefully) our driver will be waiting to whisk us away to Manila.

Out of interest I just did a check of our no fly time, still 7hrs and 13mins to go, fortunately we don’t fly for another 8 hrs and 30mins (no fly time after the last dive was 28hrs and 50 minutes) so we shall be compliant, phew!

Wendel and George took our luggage and loaded out on the the boat that we have been diving from during our stay. Time to leave then!

We head off and around Mainit Point and over to the Secret Bay where our taxi is waiting to take us on to the next stage. Traffic is not bad at all and the 3hr transfer to the airport turns out to be 2hrs 20 minutes including the boat transfer.

Manila airport is as hectic as ever and it takes a total of 90 minutes to check in and get through passport control etc.

A quick snack and now the long wait. We shall almost certainly peruse various outlets to look at all the stuff we just don’t need. Then boarding just after ten something.

Being a night flight I expect it’ll be one movie then sleep. We have seats at the back of the plane which are in pairs, no need to worry about climbing over other passengers every time one of us wants to go for a wonder, excellent.

Oh, and whilst enjoying our snack we are treated to Shaky’s rendition of Merry Christmas Everyone. It would appear to have started over here already.

The first leg went well, I must have slept some because the 9hr flight seemed like 3hrs, excellent.

We are now dossing around Dubai airport though we did manage to bag a couple of those fancy seats with footrests which was nice.

I suspect the Red Sea team are somewhere near their destination by now. Fingers crossed for warm waters and friendly fish.