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Kimmeridge 2016

To say we came down in convoy would be a lie.

Richard and I left early, about 12:30, in 25 year old Landover that moans when you try to go over sixty miles an hour.

We were followed about an hour later by Malc, Carol and Willy, who were towing Selsey Diver.

They were shortly followed by Tony.

Si and Gabby were next with Calypso.

Ray was next and then arriving at the campsite at about 7:45 was Mike and Jen.

Those that left earlier had the best of the weather during the journey, although the traffic was heavy.

The problem with arriving first at the campsite is that you have the great responsibility of picking where we were going to put the first tent. Rushing from one side of the field to the other to make sure that the best spot is chosen. What we looked like to those sitting outside their tents with smug looks on their faces, I can only guess… Our tent was up and the drizzle only started as we were loading the tent with our essentials… Sleeping bags, duvets, six pillows, rug.

No so for Malcolm, Carol and Willy.

Malc, Carol and Willy did say that they wished they had been delayed in traffic as they would have avoided trying to put their tents up whilst it was bucketing down.